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what i learned today...

It's amazing what you can learn from day to day if you are open to opportunities and experiences that pop up.

Human beings have created a whole planet (and just beyond) filled with societies, habits, eccentricities, beliefs, all manner of things and behaviours we take for granted - even writing this blog is a pretty normal thing to do where I come from - yet it never fails to surprise and enchant when I learn something that makes me step back and realise this anew.

Last week for example, I learned that the laws in Spain (and this is not an exact quote of said law but more my general grasp of the situation, so very general indeed) say that you cannot have someone holding or drinking an alcoholic drink on screen for more than 4 seconds or so in a commercial. I don't think there are any such time limits in the UK!

I also learned that garlic contains unique sulphur compounds that make it an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. So in theory, we can all have breath like dragons but run around free of joint pain.

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