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Home Front - Season 13 'Sexuality & Morality'

Home Front's Season 13 has just finished recording in studio at The Mailbox in Birmingham which we share with The Archers.

This season, well and truly into the final year of the war now, concentrates on sexuality and morality in wartime and has been masterminded and overseen by Sarah Daniels, one of the core four writers of the series.

While I cannot reveal any plot points (Isabel would suddenly meet a gruesome end if I did!), the many strands of the lives of the characters in Folkestone are reaching their conclusions, whether happy, sad or downright tragic in some cases.

Recording in Birmingham, up and down on the trains in wintry January and February makes you spare a thought for all those who aren't living in a peaceful, prosperous country, free to come and go as they please, whose lives are still blighted by war even in 2018.

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