• Keely B

It warms up, like the protagonist, into a 5 star journey

I loved the writing style of 'The Rosie Project', a warm and witty tale which moved at a keen pace

and treated the reader with respect by not spelling out every little thing yet managing to convey the characters beautifully. So I approached this jointly written novel with both apprehension and enthusiasm. There was no need for the former. You would never know that this is written by two authors, admittedly partners but still, an amazing accomplishment of seamless prose, either that or they have the most amazing editor(s)! The story is full of unexpected events and revelations, just like life itself, and I found the hairs standing up on my arms and neck on several occasions by the time it started to resolve all the loose ends and my love for the protagonists had been firmly established. It is also quite a pleasant travelogue and does awaken a curiosity of the pilgrim's route in both France and Spain. Perhaps even more the French section, being less crowded (although the time of year had a lot to do with that) and less known. I was glad to read in the Authors' Notes at the conclusion of the story that they had walked the chemin/camino themselves, twice in fact, and that those first-hand experiences had been percolating for several years before the final novel was published. A really enjoyable read which I would happily recommend to anyone and especially to those who have ever harboured secret ambitions to go for a very long walk.

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