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Reading - an essential skill for voice work

On launching my voiceover website last summer, it became evermore apparent that everything comes back to copy. Words on the page. Sounds obvious, I know but the importance of weaving magic with language is the key to it all.

Whether it's the text of this blog or the top secret wording for a commercial for 'the next big thing', it all comes back to... The words.

Working in radio drama necessitates a certain degree of skill at sight-reading (scenes change on the day, in studio) and voiceover is the same, coupled with a broad range of styles and performance often desired to give the clients as much choice as possible.

So it has come to pass that all this reading has awakened my love of - reading!

As a lot of the job is to become as good a reader as you can and with life getting ever busier and taking time out to read a book seen as rather a luxury these days, I signed up to the treasure trove that is NetGalley to force my hand.

And that's exactly what it has done.

When publishers are kind enough to send you an advance copy of their books for honest reviews of what you thought, why not. It's a win win. I get to practise my reading (and writing!) skills and discover some amazing authors into the bargain. And being conscientious, you want to read them as close to their publication date as possible to be as much use as you can to the author and publisher.

So that is why there will be the odd blog post of book reviews on here from now on too. Not to show off just how many books I'm getting through, but to congratulate authors who have managed to create that magic with language. You have my utmost admiration.

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