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Snap - a thriller with heart by Belinda Bauer

The best way of putting it is - I read this book greedily. It’s one of those you can’t wait to pick up again. Clever, witty and so easy to read, it’s like a well-loved poem, the rhythm of the prose already familiar.

I’m starting to think former journalists really do make the best novelists.

There’s a nice thread through the book of characters not turning out the way you initially thought and many of your assumptions get tripped up which made me enjoy it all the more, laughing out loud in parts. The children are fleshed out beautifully and touchingly and every character has their own way of using language and behaving, quite different to the others, making very vivid portraits in your mind.

The ‘dinosaur’ policeman, Marvel has some of the very best lines and a favourite moment was when he was interviewing a woman in her home -

‘Marvel thought she looked like an old Victorian painting – one of those that told a story and had an apt title. Waiting for Bad News or The Telegram.’

As anyone who’s been to an art museum will know, the paragraph this quote comes from literally jumped off the page in its descriptive perfection.

As a thriller, Belinda Bauer certainly made me care about the protagonists more than the plot which is far from the norm.

A highly recommended novel from an author at the top of her game.


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