• Keely B

June is no joke - for Superheroes...

This month's clip was a chance by-product of trying to make a very emotional time, a little lighter and sillier for a very dear family.

Thus, this collection of superhero jokes was born as our rather sultry atmosphere moves into summer officially in the UK. And as the cinema chains become swollen with sequels, prequels and a few originals, usually with superhuman characters sprinkled liberally around.

It is interesting to note that by far the most absorbing moments in these films are almost always when our 'superheroes' are being their most human and most relatable.

And a bright spot of happiness comes from a recent news headline of a real life superhero - an ordinary man in France rescued a baby dangling from a balcony, with no thought for his own safety and has been granted residential status. The man, Mamoudou Gassama, happened to be a migrant but first and foremost, he was a human being.

Bravo Monsieur Macron for acting so swiftly and humanely instead of merely ponderously politically.

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