• Keely B

A murky business of love & ego...

Nothing is ever as it seems in this tale of misdeeds and egos aplenty. I'm glad I didn't read anything other than the book's cover before diving in as all the twists and turns came as joyous surprises and the book is expertly crafted. The time shifts keep the reader on their toes and your mind fully engaged while the cleverness of character depiction and revelation is a triumph. It is hard not to give too much away so best just to highly recommend the story, the author's immense hard work in researching and fictionalising the gaps in history and the easy way in which it is told. Some novels based on historical facts can be hard-going, this just floats into your head and Frances, for one will stay there for some time. Read the acknowledgements and background too. I love the tribute to the cover design.

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