• Keely B

The lies we tell ourselves...

One of the biggest compliments I can give this novel is that I was surprised to realise it was written by a man about two thirds of the way through. As is the way with digital books, the actual cover is almost incidental and it was only by way of a technical glitch that I saw the author's photo at the end of the book when trying to relocate a current reading position. The main voice is really well-written with a deft subtlety and relatability, despite the tragic events which just keep on unfolding around her. You can imagine the sheer bewilderment and even empathise with her subsequent defensive actions despite the reader having a degree of hindsight - always a wonderful thing. I applaud any reader who guessed quite who has come to visit her at the start of the novel. I did start to work it out but as the book's title suggests, the narrative keeps wrongfooting you along the way. A human look at a strong story behind the headlines and a timely reminder that more so than ever before newspapers/websites/blogs etc are in the business of selling copies/getting clicks, likes or shares, no matter what the actual facts may be.

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