• Keely B

Procrastinators rejoice! A little...

This is a very interesting book written by a very interesting man. Sheryl Sandberg certainly thinks so. The foreword is a glowing tribute and makes you want to meet him; he's certainly made it onto my fantasy dinner party guest list now. Incredibly easy to read and to dip in and out of when you fancy a quick insight or several about the wonderful workings of the human mind. There are many surprising revelations and some of them will make you feel much better about your own curious habits or 'against the grain' gut feelings. Others, of course, will leave you in awe of the tenaciousness, self-belief, stubbornness - however you want to see it - of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they feel they have to and because they just know they are right. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't, but it makes for fascinating reading. Also knowing that even the most successful minds in the world (on a financial basis anyway) occasionally get it badly wrong, and finding out why, is balm for the soul. Highly recommended and a book I will continue to go back to, just like Sheryl.

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