• Keely B

Romantic, with a healthy dose of reality in the mix

This book made me realise how much I like the name Laurel; it's a really nice moniker. Josie Silver's first book is told from a dual perspective - Laurie and Jack and all their mistimings and god are there a lot! You go with it though as the pair are very likeable and the supporting characters, for once, don't fall into the age-old tropes we've become so accustomed to seeing. This was a real plus and I did end up reading the book over two (very late) nights just to see how it turned out, for all of them and not just the protagonists. Very easy to read with a fluid style and smart dialogue, my only one niggle was the first few entries we got from Jack's perspective; they seemed overly female in nature and too similar to Laurie for me but that soon disappeared, whether due to getting to know Jack more or the writing slightly altering I can't be absolutely sure. And it's a tiny section of the book but it did stay with me and knock it down from a full-blown five star review. I love getting to know characters and if anything is a tiny bit off, it's like a glitch in the matrix! Congratulations on a fun, cleverly plotted, not-too-sweet, and quite realistic romantic novel. It made a lovely change that the author didn't take the easy, more dramatic way out of most of the situations and gives her plenty of leeway when the fabulous, final (somewhat Hollywood) end scene plays out. I look forward to the inevitable film of the book and what Ms Silver does next.

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