• Keely B

Realistic thriller which keeps you guessing

The editing of this book is very clever. The initial tease of the 'event' occurs and then the chapter titles remind you where you are in the timeline leading up to it and beyond - a bit like we use BC and AD in religion. This device keeps you turning the pages and thinking back to the opening. And it certainly kept me wanting to know more about the potential suspects. Of which there are a fair few. On reflection, the revelations are very plausible and the narrative never steers off into the incredible which is credit to the author; there's a tendency these days to embrace the melodramatic. When you get to the denouement, it's unusual enough to make you think yet the groundwork has been set up early on in the book so it doesn't come out of nowhere. If anything, it offers the chance of an intriguing sequel. I believed in each of the characters and they each had their little idiosyncrasies which made them individual and recognisable, adding to the reality. As a few others have remarked, I wasn't overkeen on the protagonist but again, how anxious and protective would you become if those experiences had happened to your family. It's a tricky call. The title doesn't seem to fit with the book for me. And I think the image on the cover could have been a broken doll rather than a teddy bear as I like the idea of Selena as that broken doll and... But I won't finish that sentence as it would be somewhat of a spoiler! Good pace and very easy to read, I may well be reading other titles by Ms Douglas in future.

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