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It is a wonderful life...

Apparently, the whole of Germany has a tradition of watching a 1960s black and white film called 'Dinner For One' featuring two British comedians, Freddie Frinton and May Warden at Christmas. She is the elderly lady of the house, unaware that all her friends have died so her butler does his best to fill in for them at dinner. It is a perfect gem of comedic talent with a saucy end line, popular in many countries except here in the UK.

We have many traditions of our own, of course and after last year's delightful stumble upon a wonderfully uplifting children's poem, The Foolish Fir Tree by Henry Van Dyke for the season, I decided this year to record one of the most famous and moving exchanges in film.

'It's A Wonderful Life' has been shown on television at Christmas around the world for many years and was voted the most inspirational film of all time by the American Film Institute.

The basic premise that we do not realise how much we impact the lives of others and that if we had never existed, things would be very different, and in the case of George Bailey, very much poorer (not the financial kind), has made people smile and weep for generations.

It is all those little things we do for each other that add up over time and make what will eventually become our legacies. At this time of year, it's worth looking back and seeing what yours looks like. If it makes you smile like the glorious face of Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, you must be doing alright.

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