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Voicemail - to record or not to record...

There are a million different ways of deciding how your phone answers a call when you're

unavailable or just don't feel like talking:

Easiest of all - the service provider does all the work, you don't even bother to change the generic message your SIM card comes with;

A little more effort - you choose from a menu of pre-recorded messages;

Personalisation - you actually go through all the menus and record a message of your own, which in itself opens up a whole other area of decision-making conundrums: to try to be funny, professional, blunt, pleasant, charming, offhand, serious, sensuous or even rude. And then there is the wording, what's best to say, what's best left unsaid, too long, too short, too non-pc, too pc; it's a mobile phone minefield.

So the answer is.... get someone else to do it for you.

Maybe ask a friend, colleague, relative or even better: a professional voiceover artist to record a message for you.

They can suggest various alternatives to the standard message and you then choose which one you like best, how their voice should sound to make you come across how you wish (chatty, determined, little bit of twinkle, maybe).

It isn't such an outlandish idea once you get used to it. And if you pick the right voice, you may just get more and more business because they can't get enough of your new voicemail message.

Imagine, they may even be disappointed if you pick up!

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