• Keely B

A psychological rollercoaster...

This is a clever book. It is not the easiest to get into - the literary descriptions, the unreliable protagonist, the bewildering, imaginary kingdom, all are very difficult to weave together at first, and you wonder just what sort of tale you are getting yourself into. You can't really say too much more without spoiling the unravelling, however, I would strongly recommend reading this novel in as few sittings as possible. As you become absorbed in the world of Mirrorland, earlier confusions and annoyances are explained and I'd say just after the halfway point, the author starts to bring out her aces and raise the tension. That's when you realise you are reading a novel of imaginative brilliance, trickery and bedlam. Mixed in with a huge dose of tragedy and suspense.

On the surface, it's a small scale story of identical twins with wild imaginations, growing up in an Edinburgh home, but when you're allowed to see beneath that surface, it's a psychological rollercoaster with elements that will stay in your mind long after the final pages. My one slight criticism is the very final chapters felt a little incongruous in some way, however, I can't really explain why. Maybe it was the sunshine! An impressive feat of fiction.

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