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Calling all Insomniacs....

the lockdown has had some positives and a lot of negatives, not least on our mental health -

whether you've made more time for exercise or walking the dog, cat, lizard...

or perhaps more time laid back, binge-watching the show everyone was talking about months ago, it's brought about change.

It has also, if polls are accurate, affected our sleeping patterns.

This is where my audiobooks come in.

Love or loathe my voice, it does have a soporific effect and as lockdown has given me more time to work on them, I have three new audiobooks fresh to the Audible marketplace.

So, if you are struggling to sleep, you might like to give one of these titles a try:

Dead Angels by Tim O'Rourke is the latest in the rollercoaster of fantasy adventures that Kiera Hudson and her friends have and this time it's the turn of Isidor to take centre stage. It's full of typically vibrant characters who are going through their own kind of hell as Tim takes us back to Isidor's teens and his poignant back story.

The Duke's Widow by Summer Hanford is a historical romance, beautifully crafted and with a heroine who has real spirit and not just a pretty face. Her acquaintances are a varied and entertaining coterie and while it is a romance, there are plenty of thrills and twists along the way to keep any listener tuned in.

Knowing Yourself by Lisa Shea is a book that has taken a while to get produced but now that it is, I sincerely hope listeners will enjoy hearing the tale of Lisa's first, fiery female leading character whose story begins the Sword of Glastonbury series. It's full of action and adventure, the good, the bad and the downright dastardly.

In fact, it's a joy to read these historical romances with so many dark and deep characters, many female, who are enjoying showing off their voices. And if you don't fall asleep thanks to listening to any one of my titles, it is all because of the wonderful authors who allow me to tell their stories and read their words, so you'd be foolish not to check out more of their work. After all, they kept you awake, in spite of me!

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