• Keely B

Fragments of the past revealed, keep up the intrigue...

In my head this book was set in small-town America. I don't know why, it just seemed to suit it perfectly. I imagined the characters with American accents and the descriptions of sultry and steamy summers made it even more so. It wasn't until about two thirds of the way through that I even had the idea that it was probably set in the UK.

I mention this because thinking back over the story, the author's skill at weaving a narrative which essentially could have been located almost anywhere with universal characters against, sadly, an all-too-familiar backdrop of domestic violence, was totally involving.

Very easy to read and believe, especially the naivety of the protagonist. Frustrating in just the right amount without resorting to betraying her characters in their actions or words,

The structure deserves special mention, as in hindsight it was perfectly plotted to reveal fragments of the past to keep you intrigued.

A very clever storyteller who I sincerely hope has more in her back pocket!

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