• Keely B

Full of curious turns & partial truths...

Very sad. That's probably how you'll feel on finishing this novel.

And what a waste of lives.

That I felt so much, especially for the character of Elijah is a tribute to the author.

The prose was easy-to-read although for some reason it took me a while to get into the story and then I was hooked.

Elissa is an admirable role model and I know others have questioned her seemingly grown-up outlook but some children are just like that; she's a chess genius after all.

And Elijah, well, who on earth would know how he thinks, to be honest.

Full of curious turns and partial truths, the prose unfurls it's terrible tale at a measured pace, offering crumbs of ideas and keeping you guessing and daring to hope but knowing in your heart that it can't end like a fairytale.

A very absorbing novel, but again, so very sad in so many ways.

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