• Keely B

Glass of Something Special...

A vivid telling of an extraordinary ordinary man

That title is a jumble, I know but having lived with Maurice Hannigan in my head for the last few days, it seems right somehow. Beautifully unfurled with all the charm of the Irish vernacular, When All Is Said is a poignantly, clear-eyed (in spite of or maybe because of the drink) look back over someone's life, by that someone. Five toasts and a plan. Maurice is our host and a very likeable, entertaining one at that. Each raise of his glass brings new revelations, the characters worming their way into your heart as Maurice's beloved stout and whiskies flow into his blood. You are left with the feeling you have spent a moment with a special person whose life story you are glad you heard. He is so real, I fully expect to bump into people who knew him if I ever visit County Meath. To Maurice Hannigan - glass of something special

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