• Keely B

It's a total fairytale with a sprinkling of naughty

This story whooshed along at a very enjoyable pace with a lovely mix of humour, self-deprecation (that us Brits are 'oh so good at') and a sprinkling of naughtiness.

There are some laugh-out-loud observations along the way and quite a bit of pregnancy intimacy and descriptions which may come in handy if you're lucky enough to fall into the 'horny as a male teenager' bracket during your own pregnancy!

Lil is a very likeable protagonist with not too much self-flagellation or destructive behaviour that can get very annoying in romantic reads and her friends and family were pretty cool too.

It is a total fairytale and Max may be too good to be true for some but the complete modern day Darcy for many others. And there's some quite profound observations on the uptight aristocracy along the way.

I think I'll be reading more adventures from Sophia...

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