• Keely B

It's all about the emptiness...

My reader's soul enjoyed this book. It was a nice change to read a story from an author who just tells the story 'like it is' and lets it unfold in her natural voice, even with the translation, so a big acknowledgement to the translator, Rachel as well.

'I have some sort of unfortunate... joy inside that has to get out.' Saying that, it took me a while to grow accustomed to the voices; I think the initial dialogue which begins Part Two is a bit too simplified for the intellect of the characters involved, coming where it does

in the book it jars with the beautiful and tantilising opening segment. There are some genuinely 'hair

stand on end' moments, especially if you read it late at night, running alongside conversations of an epic feel, yet put so simply with a straightforward stance that it makes everything understandable and, at times, plausible. It's all about the emptiness... Which in itself sounds a chilling concept. I will remember this book and its sad chain of events which could have gone in any direction. Another great aspect of the story, you are never quite sure where Susanne is taking you, you may have a gut feeling but she keeps the reader questioning, even after the final page.

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