• Keely B

Jodie 5 stars - Villanelle 4

I now realise that it's quite difficult to review a book objectively after seeing a TV show and that show being done so well it becomes an iconic success. The characters are forever bonded with the actors who play them and you can't help but picture them as you're reading the book. So that said, I enjoyed the first adventure of Villanelle and it zips along at a cracking pace. The novel is short and skimps on depth of character and very occasionally there are some clunky sentences which pull you up short, either awkwardly expressed or unnecessary explanations, as most of the prose is very smooth. But Jodie Comer has done the books a grand favour in making a character who does dastardly deeds, so very likeable, quirky and entertaining; although to be fair, her outline in the book is just asking to be grabbed with both hands, and she did! Sandra Oh and Kim Bodnia (perhaps the best laugh ever to be put on screen) making so much more of the characters as well. A great, quick little read for a first installment and it does make you want to read more. I'm just not sure if that feeling would have been quite so strong if I hadn't had Jodie's portrayal in my head. Impossible to say.

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