• Keely B

Out Of Time - David Klass

Very pertinent, especially with the positive environmental effects the lack of industrial activity has had on our planet, due to the current pandemic; this will be a call to arms for some and a difficult protagonist to dislike for many.

Obviously with a similar American president to reality (there's a very telling little paragraph about him contemplating his mortality towards the end of the novel) and sympathetic FBI agents, many with superlative intellects, David Klass doesn't give us the typical good versus bad, bright versus plodding set up. Every character plays their part and you find yourself wanting to know more about Tom, obviously, but also the local traffic cop with an army background who finds himself at the centre of the biggest nationwide manhunt, thanks to a faulty tail light. The engineering professor in a loveless marriage and the idea of a retired Brennan, if that's even a possibility. The tale speeds along at a brisk pace and the tension is maintained well with the reader privy to both Green Man's activities and Tom's long FBI leash as he follows his data-crunching smarts. There were a few off-putting, awkward sentences at the beginning of the book but it soon settles into a good old cat and mouse chase and I'm glad I persevered. The author mentions his inspiration was conversations with his teenage daughter - let's hope he is further inspired by his family to write another current affairs nailbiter. 'Brexit - the epic' perhaps, Mr Klass?

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