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Pink. Polite. Pensioner. Poisoner?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Felix Pink - one of the most adorably unexpected murderers in print.

Belinda Bauer does it again with her take on another left field tale of crime. I've decided that she would be one of the best dinner party guests ever. The sense of humour shines with every beautiful observation of everyday life on the 'mean streets' of Devon and the way the dominoes fall, brings a real life feel to the "fact stranger than fiction" saying. I know what I mean, anyway, as Felix might say. The extent of sheer joy of reading a book can be measured in how many quotable lines I want to highlight and there are so many in Exit.

It's a 'laugh out loud, just enough twists to keep you guessing, hugely likeable protagonist' type read and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Especially to those who may not read crime or thrillers as a general rule.

Cleverly conceived, constructed and climaxed, a total joy. And to finish, a couple of quotes which did make me laugh out loud: 'Abbotsham was a twenty minute drive from Barnstaple. Felix made it in forty.' 'He had the red face, buggy blue eyes and tight yellow curls of a cherub who'd outdrunk his child-star status.' Classic Bauer! Bring on the next one soon. Please.

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