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Poor, poor Maggie and everything life threw at her

This book is superbly written, paced and constructed by an author who knows how to grip a curious reader and never let them go. As Rosamund Lupton is quoted on the cover: 'I read it in one sitting'. I wasn't quite able to do that but after two days of living with it in my head, I found I had to get to the end on the third day just to see if all my mental musings were proved correct. At the time of writing, this book is ranked number 1 in Gothic Romance. I'd say it deserves a far broader category in which to be number one. This novel encapsulates motherhood and all that means, loss, dependency, values and foolish pride, love and all it makes us do, good and bad. In fact, it's one of the best fictionalised accounts of a mother's love I have read. Before this book, I'm not sure I really understood reviews which stated a 4.5 star read. Why the half a star? And now I do...

...for I cannot fault the prose, the imaginative yet very possible chain of events (fact stranger than fiction would probably have an even more unbelievable denouement), the characters all ring true and come alive with ease, especially Maggie. Poor, poor Maggie and everything life threw at her. There wasn't a dud note throughout and the twists and turns came at a steady pace, sometimes frustratingly but honestly so. The missing half a star is not for anything Nuala Ellwood created. It is more a gut feeling, very personal and completely subjective, which is why the creative arts are so beloved and yet so divisive (and overlooked in schools). You cannot ever quite quantify their value but life would be infinitely duller, less colou

rful without them. How do you put a judgement on something which speaks to your soul, makes you laugh or cry and care about unreal or abstract ideas. Thus, The Day of the Accident gets a very solid 4.5 stars.

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