• Keely B

Two lives... which would you choose?

Congratulations, Josie Silver! Your follow up to the mega-hit 'One Day in December' is for me, even better; I wouldn't change a thing and that's very unusual. The story is beautifully unfurled with enough to keep you guessing and wondering quite what is going on in Lydia's life and how it will all come to a head. Josie's style is so easily readable and the emotional roller-coaster she takes you on is neither overly saccharine nor unbelievably dramatic - I like that she just lets the characters be and go at their own pace (sometimes 'oh so frustratingly' for the reader) and work it out, like in life. It also begs the question, do we subconsciously know more than we admit about our 'other halves' but just don't want to confront it or even acknowledge it. The storyline was excellently edited too. Just the right length and degree of struggle, grief, disbelief and sheer wanting things to be different. Bring on the next one!

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